Lingerie is not only for the bedroom. Here are some tips on how to style your outfits every day of the week.

Lingerie Styling
Of Leather and Lace


Starting the week can be a drag, give yourself a little comfort while keeping it stylish. Wearing a satin camisole on Mondays might make your day easier to get through. Camisoles can be easily styled with dress pants or denim, the perfect outfit to kick some butt at school or work. Feel free to add a jacket to finish the look accordingly with your personal style.


Bodysuits can be fun. Kick it up a notch during the week with a statement bodysuit. Wearing them with pants will give you a more casual look, but if you are looking for something more dressy, try pairing it up with a flowy skirt.


Make wednesday a delight by matching a cute bralette with a high-waisted skirt or dress pants. Wear it with a jacket or blazer for a more formal look. This look easily works for school and work, and by changing accessories it can easily transform to an evening look. Simple and cute!


Corsets are great to wear as out wear, they can be styled with a blazer and dress pants to have an elegant but sexy look, or paired with jeans for an edgy style. Corsets can be also worn with long skirts for a feminine look or a shorter skirt to take the breath away from everyone in the room.


Mesh tops have been a trend on the rising and we see why. Wearing a cute bralette or bra under the sheer fabric will show off your beautiful lingerie leaving no secrets. To have a more casual look, we recommend a mesh top with patterns, or an opaque mesh. This style can be easily adjusted to your comfort level


Let your wild side out and add an edgy harness to your weekend outfit. Perfect for a night out in the town, with this look you will look like a badass. Match your harness with a dress or blouse, we recommend wearing thigh-high boots with your assemble for a edgier look.


Enjoy the weekend by wearing a comfortable and cute babydoll as a dress. Style it with a jacket to bring the look together. You will be ready to catch up with friends walking through town, and be simultaneously ready to nap whenever you want. Enjoy the weekend as you should.

Of course some take a little more daring than others, which ones would you like to try?

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