Online shopping has become something that we do without even thinking. We see the beautiful models wearing the perfect outfit and not long after, we catch ourselves in the check out window. But once the package arrives we ask ourselves, was this a success or purchase? or was it a fail?

lingerie online shopping
lingerie online shopping
Honey Birdette

All major fashion brands have an online store set up for their clients. We, as modern shoppers, often find ourselves shopping from these brands online. And why wouldn’t we, it’s easy and we don’t even have to get dressed for it. With a few clicks, you could honestly change your entire wardrobe!

lingerie online shopping

Most lingerie brands have me it easy to access all the adorable looks they offer for online purchases. But now, even AMAZON is jumping in the ring with their own lingerie!

“Our goal is to make Amazon the best place to buy fashion online” said an amazon spokes representative. Will this change the future for lingerie shopping?

lingerie online shopping
Agent Provocateur

Now, how many times have you opened that delivery package only to feel disappointment and maybe even frustration. The lingerie items not matching the image from the website, or not fitting you like they fit the model… at all. This is one of the major problem with online shopping for lingerie, specially since no body wants to return used lingerie back.

Looks are not the only thing to worry about when shopping for lingerie online. Quality and fabrics used are another characteristic of lingerie which HAVE to be taken under consideration. You won’t be able to see if the lingerie garments you are purchasing are of good quality, or well made. Is the fabric used soft? breathable? after all these garments will be used on a delicate area, it is important to think about this factors.

lingerie online shopping
The White Rabbit

A company that is aware of this problems is White Rabbit from New York. They have a program which offers the purchase of 2 or more undergarments and if you don’t love the product you can return one of the items and receive a full refund!
The program has something similar for bras. Now this might not work for every type of lingerie, but for every day “comfy” garments, this is a very good option for those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their couches.

Overall, online shopping for lingerie is not ideal. Is not necessarily a failure, but is not a success either. Take under consideration what type of lingerie you will be shopping. What will you be using it for. Is comfort something you are looking for, or are you going more for the aesthetic. Online shopping for lingerie is something we will see more of as technology progresses, with time I do believe this could be successful, but for the mean time here is some information for those who refuse to go to a lingerie store or simply lack the time to do so.

What do you think about shopping for lingerie online, are you for it or against it?

lingerie online shopping
Agent Provocateur

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