Taking off your bra at the end of the day is the most reliving thing, specially if you have been wearing the wrong size and fit to support your girls.

But how does one find the perfect fit? and are all bras not the same?
Tezenis: Rita Ora MIAMI bra

Well, do you wear the same size in every type of pants? I doubt it. Same goes with bra fittings. Some will simply look better on you than others, and there is a chance that the sizing will vary slightly in each different models, depending on the shape and size of your breast.

Measuring the size

  1. Using a measurement tape, measure all around your torso as shown in the image. The tape should be right below bust and you should make sure it’s not too tight or too loose. It should be comfortable and stable in a horizontal manner in order to get the right measurement.
  2. The second measurement will be right on your bust. Using the measuring tape, wrap it around the most voluminous part of your bust. Do not pull too tight and make sure the tape is horizontal around you. Subtract the band from the bust size to get your cup size, and remember, not all bras will be the same, take under consideration a “sister” size.

Finding the right fit

Your breasts shouldn’t be spilling from the sides or top. This will put too much weight on the straps and bands, your shoulders will appreciate if you go for a larger cup.

80% of women wear the wrong size bra! By following these simple steps, I’m confident you will find bras that fit you better and are more comfortable. What problems have you encounter when trying to find the right bra? Leave your comments below.
Agent Provocateur

See what the experts have to say about bra sizing

Watch a video on how to follow these steps for bra sizing

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