The secret side smoothing push-up plunge bra had the promise to give us a smooth and plunge look with their new bra, but did they actually deliver?

We went to a local Victoria Secret to try out their new smoothing push-up plunge bra and we were left with more expectations than the bra could handle.

The bra is advertised as the perfect bra to wear under a sexy outfit for day and night. It’s advertised that it’s practically invisible underneath your clothes, while pushing your girls up in a sexy manner.

Unfortunately the sizing is inconsistent, we tried the same size in different colors and the cup gap was very noticeable on a couple of them, even after adjusting the straps.

However, the one bra that did fit properly actually did a great job at supporting and being almost invisible under the clothes. The straps and bands are smooth and comfortable, the underwire does do a push-up effect in combination with the padding the bra has. The plunge is not very dramatic, but it does make it easier to wear when wearing a low cut top.

This bra is not for everyone, women with small breasts will struggle having to deal with the gaps from the cups, that is not what we call a cute look. And women with larger breasts have to deal with spillage, because of the way is shaped, larger breasts could easily find themselves dealing with that problem.

Another downfall is the material, after speaking with women that have had the bra for a while now, they explained to us that this particular item it is not lasting. The bands will give out after a few using and washings, allowing the breasts to start slipping under the wire, making it uncomfortable for the user.

We are not impressed with this product. However we feel inclined to let you know that Victoria’s Secret is actually having a sale on this bra, currently this item is listed at only $30 in a variety of 18 colors.

To us a great bra is not only meant to support, but also make you feel confident, secure, and sexy. Although the smoothing push-up plunge bra is very pretty and slick at first glance, the bra does not meet our standards for Victoria’s Secret. Have you tried this bra yet? What is your favorite bra at the moment? Leave us a comment with your answers.

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