Sengie Virgen is an aspiring young designer based in San Francisco, CA. The Mexican-American designer finds inspiration from her roots as well as her love for female power and sexuality. As she prepares to participate on the Academy of Arts University fashion show coming up this Fall, we asked her to join us for a quick interview.

Lingerie Designer
Sengie Virgen
Lingerie Designer
Sengoe Virgen
  1. What is your favorite lingerie brand? Victoria’s Secret, despite working there lol. The lingerie can vary by comfortability and sexiness. Sometimes a single bra or panty has both of those important benefits.
  2. In your opinion, has lingerie changed a lot in the past few years? Yes it has. It’s getting more provocative and being worn as outwear now more often than ever.
  3. What do you think has happened to make this change? Women are finally dressing how we want, not how society pictures women should dress. Women re being more confident wearing lingerie as outfits.
  4. Which type of lingerie sells more now a days, the beautiful detailed kind, or the comfortable kind? The beautiful detailed I think.
  5. Why do YOU love lingerie? It makes me feel extremely confident. Wearing it expresses who I am.
  6. What would you say to a newbie who is looking for the perfect lingerie set? The key is to FEEL sexy while wearing the lingerie set. Otherwise no matter how pretty the lingerie is, you won’t be convinced.What else do you have to say to the lingerie lovers out there? Be free!! Be daring!! Be sexy!! Be yourself!!

We look forward to see this young designer captivate us with her creations in the upcoming future. Which upcoming designers should we be aware of of? let us know in the comments.

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