Yeha Leung is the woman behind the intriguing Creepyyeha lingerie. Unlike other lingerie brands, Creepyyeha is mainly costume made to ensure the perfect fit. Beware, this brand it is NOT for the fainthearted but for the daring and bold.

Creepyyeha Lingerie
Image source: Yeha
Creepyyeha Lingerie

Yeha Leung has managed to combine fetish and art through her complex and captivating designs. She draws her inspiration from strong individuals who she admires or even surrounds herself with. A big influence to her work is music, and it is not a surprise her work has already been seen on artists like Rihanna and FKA Twigs.

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” It is about owning your body and feeling confident about your own choices. Clothing has always been an important part in our visual history, and it is time to reclaim our bodies. I want to be able to look back and see lingerie through the most elevated eye”. -Yeha Leung



Creepyyeha is the perfect example of how lingerie is becoming more than just undergarments. Lingerie is about confidence, power, and expressing your personality through its pieces.

Although the young designer behind the brand does not want to be tied down to a big corporation, she has continued to make waves between lingerie and fashion lovers all over the world.

Creepyyeha Lingerie

We love to see powerful women empower other women. Creepyyeha is definitely worth knowing, even if her lingerie is too edgy for you. Her work is truly art. What new lingerie designer do you think deserves the spotlight. Let us know in the comments.


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